Top Twitter Tools

Coming soon…

We just wanted to drop you a note to say we’re going to be compiling this year’s list of the best tools to use with Twitter. As more and more awesome tools pop up, we’ll be assessing which ones are really important for the discerning marketer in 2017 and beyond.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for tools to include, drop them in the comments below. We’re especially keen to hear about the less mainstream tools like HootSuite and Buffer so if there are any you feel might get overlooked, make sure you tell us about them.


In our quest to bring you the full arsenal of Twitter tools, we thought we’d begin with one of the heavyweights. Buffer is a very popular content scheduling tool. Scheduling tools are crucial for the vast majority of social media marketers because it is simply not practical to post content to Twitter in real time, each time you post.



Twitter does not use an algorithm to decide who to show your content to. With Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn, good quality content stands a good chance of reaching the right people. Twitter’s chronological feed means timing is everything!

Buffer enables users to schedule content for up to months in advance and advises upon the best times of the day to post. You can then re-share (re-Buffer) content that performs well using a simple ‘most popular’ sorting of the content. Only a small group of your total Twitter following will see any one given piece of content, which means two things:

  1. If a piece of content gained good traction the first time you tweeted it, there’s a good chance it will do well again, and
  2. In order to maximise the reach of posts, you need to share it more than once.


This exact thinking was one of the main drivers behind the creation of another great tool for social media, Meet Edgar. The ‘half-life’ of a tweet is just a few minutes, which is why a tool like Buffer is so key for busy social media managers.


Watch this space!