Who to hunt on social media

So why would someone, or a business, want to enjoy email updates from certain social media accounts? Does anyone really need to know what accounts are posting in real time? There are several groups of accounts that are worth staying updated with and Twitter lists are a perfect place to categorize them.


The seven types of Twitter account you should keep an eye on

1. CompetitorsSpying on your competitors with a Twitter management tool

Competitor accounts are a great source of information. They’re targeting the same audiences with their content and interaction strategies so they’re a perfect group of accounts to keep a close watch on.

Be careful not to follow them or follow too many of their followers or the game is up!


2. Collaborators

Collaborative or partner accounts might share an audience with you but you’re not offering competing products or services. Just like competitors, there’s a lot of useful insight to be gained from understanding their social media tactics and their approach to marketing, in general.

There might also be cross-promotion opportunities and the possibility joint competitions of offers. This can generate great reach and engagement amongst your target audience and combining your presences will help you compete with larger brands.


3. Super fans and advocates

All brands will have a group of customers or fans who just cannot speak highly enough of them. They might be friends of the company’s founders, long-time customers, or simply people who really believe in what the brand is doing and what it stands for. Keeping them on-side by interacting with them and replying to their tweets is the reason to track them in a Twitter list. They’re likely to respond incredibly positively to you, which is always great for your brand.

This group will act as your amplifier for your great content so don’t underestimate their importance!


4. Prospects

From a lead generation perspective, keeping tabs on your prospective customers is probably the best value use of Twitter lists (and your time and attention!). Again, it’s best to keep this list private and use a range of tactics to engage with them. Likes, retweets, replies, and mentions are great ways stroke their ego and stay in their mind for when they’re next in the market for your services.


5. Clients

Keeping up to date with your clients over social media helps keep the relationship strong and may even encourage repeat buys or upsells. Your customers are well and truly part of your community and they should become your online ambassadors.

Always keep your clients in a private Twitter list so your competitors can’t go and try to poach them!


6. Brands you aspire to

This is an often untapped resource for small and growing brands. Choosing four or five brands that you really want to emulate in terms of their marketing and their business can really help guide your online presence and strategy. It’s very easy to be professional and a little square when it comes to your tone and content on social media so see what works for the brands you’d love to be like.


7. Influencers and journos

Social media marketing has evolved over the past several years. One of the most powerful tactics on is influencer marketing and using social media to gain multimedia coverage. Influencers are those individuals with large and loyal followings. Their endorsement has been shown to have a significant impact on a brand’s ability to grow its presence.

Similarly, journalists and bloggers have the power to reach new audiences through the publication of content on platforms outside of social media. Keeping tabs on these kinds of accounts means you’re in much better shape to take advantage of anything they might say or be looking for that relates to your brand.


Across these seven types of account, you cover a lot of your bases in terms of your wider community. They’ll also help you better craft your social presence and marketing strategy to ensure what you’re doing stands the best chance of being effective.

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